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All the tasks you need for an in-depth SEO audit

We have created a step by step audit tool, so you can carry out your audits quickly and efficiently without missing any points. We have added more than 250 SEO checks and counting. We detailed task, tools and priority. 




SEO Tasks


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Put your SEO audits on automation

Carry out the most in-depth SEO

We gathered the most relevant SEO Tasks in the industry so you can cover every single points of an SEO Audit while getting lasting results for you clients.

Categorized by Topics

We have organized the audit by the main SEO categories from local to Technical - you name it... we got you covered!

Task descriptions

We explain how to carry out each task in details, so you don't have. to figure it out by yourself!

Recommended tools

We have listed the tools required to carry out each task, we will always give you a free and paid option.

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You don’t have to worry about coming up with the tasks, we have pre-filled them so you just have to follow.

We customize your audit based on your needs and recommend the most relevant tasks for optimum  results.

We generate a presentation with all the tasks and action taken. Save time!