Your Automated you Marketing Workflows

Industrialize the production of unique and original content
Generate more traffic by automating your content production
Spot Ai content easily

ChatGPT Detector

Determine with a high level of accuracy if a content has been generated by an Ai Model or a Human.

Draft & Goal

One workflow to create all your content from A to Z.

Draft&Goal is not your typical Ai Writer, our workflow takes you through content analysis, Ideation and Ai generation with little to no external input.


Effortless results

The content workflow

Instant GSC / Bing

Get instant insights
into your GSC/Bing account.
No need for manual

new ideas

Our Ai discovers
automatically new
keywords based
on your content


We automatically
clusterize your content,
helping you creating
topical authority

Generate Content
With AI

Using the latest Ai models
we generate new content to
instantly improve your SEO.


Draft&Goal is a multistep workflow to scale your content production

Content analysis

Find the user intents associated with your website

Ai text Generation

Generate multiple pieces of content (blog, page etc.) instantly using our Ai model.


Find the topics that matter in your industry.



Optimize your content with all the ranking factors for better SEO results.


Find untaped ideas that would have taken days to uncover.


Measure all the progress you made with your newly generated content.


Content Generation
is not only writing

We help you find the best content ideas

to create the most impactful content strategy.

what they say

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Chiheb Benaissa

Founder @ Zerda Digital

Time saved

You cannot imagine the time my team is saving using Draft & Goal.

The insights are ready as soon as I open the dashboard.

Use our SEO Audit Management Tool

Carry out any SEO Audit

A step by step SEO audit tool that guides you through 

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